We are team of education enthusiasts and technologists who have made it our life's mission to make it really easy for Educators (individuals and institutions) to have their own branded learning platform through which they can share structured content as well as administer tests to as many students as they want. In doing so, not only do we plan to build user friendly products and provide excellent customer service but we also intend to nurture our employees and ensure that the company doesn’t grow alone.

Having grown up in times where traditional offline classroom learning was the norm, Mcenro, our founder, always felt that there has to be a better way to do this. While we realise that traditional education systems and training methods cannot be done away with, they do have their share of shortcomings. It’s a proven fact now that online modules for learning and testing are highly beneficial for students and help them significantly in overall learning and understanding the concepts better.

We are committed to bridge the gap between traditional ways of teaching and modern learning styles.

Our platform allows students to practice over and over again. Educators can use Oxloop to provide their content in a well laid-out manner and students can take multiple tests of randomly sorted questions picked from an ever growing structured question bank with virtually no limit.

Technology can be used effectively to empower educators to create and present content. Technology can also be used intuitively to enhance the learning experience of students.

Our passion lies in creating user-friendly and equal platforms for students, tutors, institutions and coaching classes to help students gain maximum benefit when it comes to learning.

Oxloop aims to keep technology simple for Educators.


We aim to be a global benchmark in building products that facilitate online learning.


1. To help educators get their content online easily and share it with an audience of their preference quickly.

2. To focus not just on customer relations but also nurture and guide our employees to achieve higher goals.

Why Oxloop

  • White-labelled platform with your own branding
  • Cost effective
  • Take your personalised app live in a day’s time
  • Android and iOS apps available along with a web based version
  • Easy to use with no technical knowledge required
  • No limit on the number of users
  • Secure platform to share content
  • Detailed performance analytics
  • Quick loading and delivery of content
  • Sell content and test series
  • Chat facility


Founder - Mcenro Samdani

A Chartered Accountant by qualification, Mcenro Samdani started off his career in equity research in 2004 as an Analyst tracking multiple sectors. He spent a few years at Anand Rathi Securities & Motiwal Oswal as an Equity Research Analyst for mid-cap companies. Since 2008, he had a decade long stint at Kitara Capital (a private equity fund) where he grew to be the Vice President - Investments. His extensive experience in research and investments in conjunction with his lifelong interest in the field of education led him to start his venture in the Edu-Tech space - Samvidya Edutech. Oxloop is the result of Mcenro’s need to address issues which he has faced as a student and later as a tutor while he carried out extensive training for coworkers. When he’s not busy thinking about the next big feature or motivating his team, you will find him catching up on cricket or watching a Hindi movie owing to him being a total bollywood buff; and let’s not forget his love for food! All in all, he is a total Mumbaikar!

The current generation of students are tech savvy and they expect tutors to use technology to deliver content and conduct tests. These platforms cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to build and test. While a large organisation might be able to afford to build a platform like this ground up, smaller institutions, coaching classes and individuals might find it difficult to do so. Oxloop is an attempt at marrying technology and education into a simple but strong and efficient bond which provides a user friendly seamless platform to users in all realms of the educational system - be it a tutor, student, coaching facility or a full-fledged university; the platform is equal for all.

Oxloop was designed from the point of view of both the student and tutors, and thus offers an array of features that is easy to use and manage from anywhere, simply from your smart phones, tabs and desktops. Uploading study material instead of rebuilding it, inbuilt user friendly exam builder, chat facility, handy schedule management and more; everything is designed to provide the ultimate user experience. While doing so, we ensured that effectiveness of learning is not compromised. The study material remains handy even in offline mode on our app with security features enabled. The exam building is easy and exam taking is seamless. Our practice test feature is a great value add. All of this and more can be setup within a day and that too at a nominal cost.

Technical Team

Nishant Sawant

Team Lead - Technology

Nishant Sawant started his career as a Software Developer in 2010. Over the decade Nishant has worked across various domains in L&T Infotech, Next Infotech and CapGemini. Prior to joining Oxloop, Nishant worked for almost 7 years in Cap Gemini on multiple onshore projects such as - You See (Denmark telecom industry); Sandvik (Sweden mining and construction industry); American Greeting (USA), Boeing Services (America); SMC project (Germany).
He joined Oxloop in 2019 as a Team Lead. A Bachelor of Computer Engineer by qualification from Mumbai university

Vivek Singh

Advisor - Technology

Vivek Singh started off his career in analytics in 2011 as a Software Engineer. Before getting into his own venture, he spent 4 years at Vistaar Systems and Accenture (working for AT&T). Experience in delivering end to end enterprise solutions and exposure to the world of opportunities led him to start and lead his venture Affixus.
Mcenro had connected with Vivek in 2017 and he took up the development of Oxloop. Till date he is responsible for overall Technology of Oxloop. Though he runs Affixus separately, he is significantly involved in the technology requirements of Oxloop on daily basis.